How to report a bug, a player or write a suggestion Edit

ZBlitz Support Team is always active and responsive, waiting for any player's feedback, showing a constant effort in keeping the game environment clean, smooth and fair.

For this reason any report or message about how to improve the game is well accepted and encouraged.

Even though the Community Managers are always online and constantly monitoring the game, players have multiple ways to contact them to bring their attention to several subjects, as specified below.

How can the Support Team be contacted? Edit

  • Writing a message to the Facebook page or a post in our Facebook Official Group

This is the most preferred way to contact Community Managers and developers, with a response rate of 100% and an average estimated waiting time of 2 hours.

The requests are handled in the following native languages: English, Korean, German, Italian, Dutch, French.

Other languages can also be answered if the sentences are constructed in a way that is simple enough.

Facebook page:

Facebook group:

Facebook page and group can also be reached by clicking the respective in-game buttons in the game lobby, as shown in the image below:

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  • Using our Customer Service Ticket System

If you do not have a Facebook account, or you prefer not to use our Facebook communication service, you can contact the Support Team writing a ticket at the following link:

Customer Service ticket:

The link is also accessible from the game, in the PvP Lobby as in the picture below:

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While creating a ticket, you can specify the reason, select the appropriate game and write all the details, as in the screenshot below. You will be contacted within a 24 hour period by the Support Team.

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Other questions? Use these channels to contact the Support Team at any time!.

End of communications!