Hunters are the deck cards which represent the character played in both PvP and Story games.

Hunters can be acquired with gems, packages, missions or gold.

Note: Some of them are not released yet.

The list of hunters is in continuous development, these are the currently available hunters in the game:

Hunter name Image Stats
H 3ph erika 01
Erika Fox
H 3ph erika fox 01
Erika Girlcrush
H 3ph erika girlcrush 02
H 3ph leo 05
Leo Maniac
H 3ph leo joker 03
Leo Rider
H 3ph leo rider 02
H 3ph luckgirl 03
Luckgirl Marinelook
H 3ph luckgirl marinelook 03
H 3ph rodriguez 03
Rodriguez MsForces
H 3ph rodriguez msforces 01