There are several game modes in the PvP channels. They are shown in the picture below


All the details for each mode are listed in the table below:

TDM In this mode players can enjoy the classical team deathmatch among players of two different sides.
DM This mode is a free-for-all mode, where every player is free to kill every other player in the room. No allies, only enemies!
AI TDM In this mode, all empty places in both teams are replaced with AI bots.
AI vs TEAM In this mode, players can team up to beat a team filled up with AIs only.
SNIPER TDM In this mode, the only weapons allowed are sniping rifles. No SMG or HMG allowed!
KNIFE TDM In this mode, only melee weapons are enabled, while all shooting and throwing weapons are disabled.

Players can decide to either join an existing room or create a new one. When creating a new one, they can specify additional settings:

Create room

In particular, they can choose

  • the number of players (3VS3, 4VS4, 5VS5, 6VS6, 7VS7, 8VS)
  • how to end the game (by number of kills or by amount of time passed)