PvP Mode is the multi-player campaign of ZBlitz. In the PvP Mode, players can join other players' rooms or create their own room according to the preferred game mode.

There are different maps, each available for specific game modes. More maps are in development and will be added with future updates.

Mode Name Map
TDM and AI TDM Drillship
TDM DrillingPlatform(12)
TDM Hotel
TDM Hotel(11)
TDM, AI TDM and Sniper TDM Quarry
TDM Quarry (3)
TDM Roof Top
TDM RoofTop (3)
TDM Sewage Plant
TDM Sewageplant (3)
TDM and Knife TDM Storage Yard
TDM Storageyard (1)
TDM Village
TDM Village(11)
TDM West Alley
TDM WestAlley(10)
DM only Old Town
DM OldTown (11)