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The ZBlitz GameEdit

ZBlitz is a dynamic FPS game, that delivers to the player the real experience of the urge of survival against hordes of zombies, while fighting among explosions, gunfires and unpredictable ambushes.

In ZBlitz, you are a hunter for zombies in a dystopic, post-apocalyptic world and you need to train yourself to survive and become an expert killer to prevent the final apocalypse that would wipe off the whole humanity. While playing this fast-paced, breath-taking battle, you will be immersed in realistic sounds, arcade-style maps and surrounded by either your team members or… masses of zombified citizens.

In order to free the world from the horror of zombies, you are provided with a card deck that contains all of your abilities, equipment and gears for accomplishing your missions. You are given one Hunter card, which represents your main character,and possesses special skills and strengths along with his own background story. You can acquire many more Hunter cards as you progress in your missions and choose the best character for each game mode. You are also provided with a set of Weapon cards that include rifles, pistols, grenades or knives. The amazingly customizable weapon system allows each Weapon card to be evolved or upgraded, and its parts to be tweaked and improved so that your Hunter can become more and more powerful along your adventure. Other than that, it is possible to craft brand new weapons, by obtaining their blueprints and shards in single or multi player modes.

There are several game modes to show your blood thirst in. The Story mode is a single player campaign, which is composed of hundreds of levels and stages, each containing missions and each related to specific and unique rewards. The levels’ game modes range from the classical arcade Railshooter mode, in which you are asked to shoot as many zombies as possible, to 90’s classic shooter maps, that allow the exploration of unknown places filled with blood and rotten flesh waiting to be exploded. In Multiplayer modes, instead, you can challenge other players in various campaigns like Team deathmatch, Free for all, and challenges vs AI. Even more game modes can be unlocked while progressing, all of which are populated with hundreds of quests, challenging missions and rewards. This uniqueness makes ZBlitz one of the greatest mixes between tradition, as classic arcade shooters, and modernity, represented by actual MMOFPS, transforming the player’s experience in a continuous entertainment that pleases all kind of tastes.

ZBlitz is already available for Windows via Facebook Gameroom, but is also coming soon on Smartphones and Tablets.

ZBlitz can be downloaded here:


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